During the celebration of the Healey Museum’s 5th anniversary on last November 26, Bill Emerson donated his self constructed Le Mans pitlane with all Healey models that ever appeared at the start.

Several models are real specials uniquely produced for this display.

Bill Emerson proudly overlooking his Le Man pitlane display.

The Healey Museum will be open for 3 EXTRA days right after the Euromeet (June 10th-16th) from tuesday June 19th until Thursday 21st.

So the museum is open all week from June 19th until June 24th from 11:00AM until 5PM, especially for the participant at the Euromeet in the Black Forest.
(On monade June 18th most participants probably will be travelling from the Black Forest to their destinations. For that reason the Healey Museum will be closed).

Look here for more information on the Euromeet in the Black Forest, 10-16 June 2018.

At the recent Bonham auction a number of objects were acquired on behalf of the Healey Museum Collection. These 7 objects, among which DMH’s personal goggles and diaries will be displayed in our collection.

The goggles are a.o. from DMH’s pilot period and the goggles used at the Salt Flats during the record trials in 1954 and ’56.


We are happy to announce that very soon a Jensen Healey model will be added to our car collection on display at the Healey Museum.

This addition will contribute to a broader presentation of Donald Healey’s legacy in our museum.