Museum Collection

Impression about the collection

In the Healey Museum we will take you back in time.  Into the rich history of Healey sports cars. We will show you a number of unique Healeys. For example a so called Works 3000 Healey that was specially built by the Healey factory to write history on the circuit of Sebring ! Off course there is a lot of attention for all models that were developed by the Donald Healey Motor Company (from Sprites to Big Healeys). Also the earliest Healeys receive a prominent place in the collection. Thus a the Museum shows a number of Warwick built Healeys, including a Sportsmobile from 1949 and a Silverstone roadster from 1950!

The collection as presented is based on historical material. You will see the original blueprints and drawings, trophies, personal memorabilia of famous Healey pilots like Pat Moss, the Morley Brothers and even more. In some showcases the collection also draws attention to the well known designer Gerry Coker and the technical designer Roger Manadue. In addition the museum shows a large collection of scale models.

The Healey Museum owns a lot of historical movies and a unique photo collection. In our movie theatre for example you can see the movie with the endurance record of the AH 100S in Bonneville in 1954 on the big screen. In the Museum library you will find original brochures and literature and even the correspondence of Donald Healey with his suppliers on the sheet metal for the AH100 Streamliner is there.

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