The address of the Healey Museum is: Country Estate ”Groot Kantwijk”, Bergseweg 28q, 3633 AK Vreeland, The Netherlands.

Opening hours

The Healey Museum is open every week from friday to sunday from 11.00 AM to 17.00 PM. For groups and special invitees the museum can be opened at request. For visits outside of regular visiting hours please call +31681733208 or send an email to

Sometimes the museum is closed due to private meetings. Check the event calendar to see if the museum is closed.

See all the visitors information, including accessibility and access prices on the visitor information page

Colleagues of the Healey Museum

Administrator en Friends of the Museum: Theo Andriessen
Treasurer: Albert Hartink
Museumshop: Ria van de Kerkhof
Archive manager: Albert Voogd
Webmaster and Facebook content manager: Wim Kievits


Do you live outside the Netherlands and are you interested in volunteering for the Healey Museum? We have several opportunities available that can be handled remotely. Please contact Hans van de Kerkhof at 00316 81733208 or send email to

Privacy of visitor data on our website

The privacy of your personal data as treated with care. In this statement we explain how the Healey Museum treats your private data, and if desired how you can contact us.

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