Spridget Event ‘Safety Fast’ – 5 and 6 September 2020



(explanation see below)

The Austin Healey Owner’s Club Nederland and the Midget register from the MG Car Club in collaboration with the Healey Museum will organize a Spridget weekend on 5& 6 September 2020. It will be a low budget weekend with the possibility to put your tent up at the Museum grounds. Costs per night only € 15,00 p.p. incl breakfast.

We are still working on the program and in April one will be able to register on-line.

The entry fee for a team will be between €120,- and €150,-.  The entry fee will partly be determined by the number of participants, hence now this publication for the event. Are you almost certain that you want to participate in this weekend? Please let us know through the Healey Museum facebook page


Friday afternoon        –    Arrival of camping guests.

Saturday​                      –    10:00 a.m. Welcome Coffee and cake

​                                            11:00 Planned drive in the beautiful Vecht area.

​​                                            14:00 Presentation in the Healey Museum

​​                                            Archive will be open for participants

                                            Flip Bruhl presentation

                                            Election of the Spridget you prefer to take home with you

​​                                            18:30 BBQ incl. in entree fee

​​Bar will be open till 24:00

Sunday​                        –     Breakfast in the Museum 9:00 – 10:00

​​                                            Relaxed morning to talk about our cars

                                            12:00 Award ceremony for the Spridget election

We are still in the process of expanding the program but would like to get an idea of the number of participants.​​


If you’re not going camping there are plenty of hotels nearby 




Further information about the organization at :

– Guus von Morgen (registersecr. Midget of the MG Car club) + 31 06 1499 6793

– Kees van Beijmerwerdt (contact AHOCN South-West) + 31 06 2207 2001




* Back in the 60’s the old Austin Healey Club Holland (AHCH) and the MG club every year organized a drive between NL and GB. ‘Safety Fast’ was a saying used by Marcus Chambers (Competition Manager at BMC) and under this label the drives took place The MG club still uses the term ‘Safety Fast’. Because of this joint event together with the MG club the revival of the old term ‘Safety Fast’ seems appropriate. The younger generation must feel comfortable with the revival of old times.