Sprite memorabilia collection acquired by Healey Museum

The Sprite room of Ray English from Australia displayed in the Healey Museum
With pride we wish to inform you that the Foundation Healey Museum has acquired the complete collection of Ray English, and this will be displayed in Vreeland in The Netherlands on short notice.
The first negotiations about the acquisition took place in 2017 when Ray was not yet prepared to relinquish of his life’s work. Now, 2 years later, en after consultation of John Sprinzel, Ray has decided that the Healey Museum offers a good place to preserve his collection for the next few decades.
It is unnecessary the express how thrilled we are about this acquisition. We are not the only Healey Museum in the world but as far as we know we now do have the largest Sprite memorabilia collection in the world! The personal archive of Geoffrey Healey with lots of Sprite documents from the race history already has been preserved in the Healey Museum for many years.
Together with the Sprite room collection they form a unique collection.
We expect to open up the collection for visitors as of January. A visit by Sprite enthousiasts therefor will absolute be worth the visit!
Attached some pictures of the Sprite room at the Healey Museum.

John Sprinzel’s original rallye plates

John Sprinzel’s overall

The acquired Sprite archive in the Healey Museum