Since january 12th the only Austin Healey that ever won the Tulip rallye and completed it 3 times as a winner with driver and owner Rinus Sinke and as navigator Bart den Hartog is on display in the Healey Museum.

In the april issue of the AHCUSA (Austin Healey Club USA) club magazine, the Austin Healey Magazine, the attached article is published about this special rally car. With the permission of the AHCUSA this article is published in the Netherlands by the Healey Museum.
Read the article about this very special car with an impressive list of participation in the most important rally’s during the past 20 years.

As everyone may expect, the Healey Museum, the only museum worldwide for this beautiful brand, constantly aims to improve the representativity of it’s collection. Beside gifts and acquisitions through auctions, the Healey Museum board constantly monitors opportunities to improve the exhibition of displayed car models in the collection.

Recently two acquisitions were realised that future museum visitors will get a chance to see. The first – already announced, but now finally arrived – acquisition is a Jensen Healey.

Only recently a beautiful BN7 was acquired in addition. This 3000 MKII 3 carb. two seater with factory hardtop is 1 of only 355 models. In 1962 only 141  BN7 were assembled. This beautiful and rare car is an absolute catch for the collection!

Look on our facebook page for more pictures.

On August 20th the following request has been addressed to the boards of all known Healey clubs in the world.

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the Healey Museum Foundation we kindly approach you, and all other major Healey clubs around the world, with the request whether your Healey Club would like to contribute to the future of the Healey Museum.
Especially Austin Healey cars have countless enthousiasts all over the world.
To preserve the history and development of all Donald M. Healey’s creations for future generations, the Healey Museum was founded 6 years ago.
Being the only Museum in the world fully dedicated to the legacy of Donald M. Healey.
The Museum houses major parts of the original Austin Healey factory archives and (of course) Austin Healey cars but also early Healey cars, such as the Duncan and the Silverstone and appr. 1.200 model cars. Too much to mention it all.
Since the establishment thousands of enthousiasts from all over the world have visited the Museum.
We kindly refer to the attached letter in which we explain our request.
Kind regards,
Chairman                                           Secretary                                Treasurer
Hans M. van de Kerkhof                 Karel van Gelder                   Albert J. Hartink

If this message was not addressed to the right person or address, would you be so kind to forward it to the right person or address.

The attached request : Healey Museum request, august 20th 2018.

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